Abstract art is…modern art that does not represent images of our everyday world.  Rather, it is art that uses shapes, forms,  color, line, gesture marks, and texture but is not intended to represent objects or living things.

Sixth graders at Fletcher Elementary School used a variety of media including watercolors and rubber cement to create their abstract images.  They then recorded their process and artist statement using Class Dojo.  Using the Sprout, students scanned in their images and created packs of cards that were given out to family and friends as a holiday gift.

Although the goal was an understanding of what abstract art is, 6th grade students also learned about the graphic design process, they published their work to a larger community, used technology to back up their art making (Class Dojo, Sprout, etc), and used skills in self direction to make this project really come to life.

Check out their work:  #PROUD!


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