Mrs. Baker made me want to continue doing art through my life. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching made her class really FUN!
Seamusage 19

Mrs. Baker’s positivity and light in the classroom is unavoidable and AMAZING!
Maeveage 13

When I walk into art class I know I am going to have a fun time because Mrs. Baker is a great teacher!
Jacobage 14

Mrs. Baker makes art class more than just fun. She makes it an enjoyable, creative, inspiring, and awesome time for people who like art and don’t like art!
Ethanage 14

Mrs. Baker makes art fun even when I get down on myself. I didn’t think I could do art until Mrs. Baker showed me that I really was good at it!
Ericage 14

She shows the inner creativity in each of us!
Juliaage 11

Although MC’s official title is an art teacher; she is so much more! MC goes above and beyond on a regular basis and has provided countless students with unique opportunities in the arts. She goes after special grants, poster contests, community integration events, so that students can engage in these experiences. MC highly values real world, integrated projects. She took the push for literacy to be included in the arts and transformed projects to include a literacy component. She works with teams and other program areas on their curriculum and finds unique and interesting ways to integrated art into it. She values collaboration and excels in this area.
Jacqueline ParksWCS Building Principal

MC Baker is a gifted Art / STEAM teacher who loves working with students of all ages, abilities, and talent. There are certain people you hire which turn out to be gifts to students and the school far beyond anyone’s imagination. MC Baker is one of those special people.
Walter NardelliFormer District Principal Williston School District

MC Baker is a creative, brilliant art teacher. She is highly skilled at assessing student strengths, interests, needs and abilities and then individualizing the art curriculum to meet their needs. When students are in her classroom, they are excited about learning. Students walk through door asking, “What are we doing today, Ms. Baker?” She communicates regularly with the classroom teachers, asking about what types of units they are planning and asking how she can incorporate art into student learning. She sets the stage for students motivation to learn about perspective taking, history, math, science, culture and literacy as she weaves topics being covered back in the classroom via textbooks into the world of art in her classroom.
Cynthia Cole, M.A., Licensed School PsychologistCSSU Director of Psychological Services

MC has energy and enthusiasm for everything she does. She is highly motivated, is a learner, and is a collaborator. MC works closely with the classroom teachers to integrate art into their units of study and enriches the curriculum. Examples of this can be found throughout the building and on MC’s blog, where she shares examples of completed projects. Students are enthusiastic and eager to re-engage with her and their work each time they enter her art room.
Bonnie BirdsallTechnology Integration Specialist, Williston School District

The students are at the heart of MC’s teaching. She has a depth of knowledge, as you would expect from any educator, but she brings out student skill and creativity by treating each student as an individual and providing feedback at their level and in a way that motivates their artistic talent. You never hear “I can’t draw” in her classroom… When the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards were adopted by Vermont, MC embraced them. She met with teachers to see how she might integrate these standards into her work. This is a routine part of her practice. She knows on which CCSS and NGSS standards students at each grade are working and develops projects where learners apply these concepts through art. Often these projects become community events.”
Juliette Longchamp, NBCTDirector of Professional Programs, Vermont-NEA and Former WCS Middle School Teacher

MC is a leader in our school. She consistently seeks opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and heads many cross-curricular projects. She utilized her architectural skills to design new bathrooms and created murals for our school. MC has applied for and earned grants for her art program and has integrated her curriculum with professional engineers from outside of our school. She has consistently used technology and embraced current teaching practices and trends. Her curriculum has been fresh and evolving each year and her enthusiasm to teach has remained strong. She and I have worked on many projects together with her always at the helm, striving for high quality, innovative and creative results. I have been inspired by her classroom management skills, organization of lessons and command of the subject.
Kim ThompsonInstrumental Music Educator, Williston Central School

She makes solid connections with students, especially those who need it the most. She is generous, kind, and respectful with kids, making them feel important and talented. MC works with students in a variety of mediums, and constantly adapts her instruction and curriculum to meet individual and group needs.
Sarah J. Schoolcraft, M.Ed.WCS Classroom Teacher, Equinox House

During her service, Ms. Baker worked at the community-level helping seven villages with a wide range of development activities. These included: designing a housing construction project for the villagers based on the utilization of timber salvaged following a local forest fire; producing a recipe book in the local language and providing nutrition classes to women and church groups which promoted local foods; holding workshops for village children at the community schools, including involving them in a pen pal club with U.S. school children; organizing Coastal Clean-Up Days; and also trained community members in the areas of carpentry, building skills, small business management, water catchment and reforestation. In all aspects of her Peace Corps’ service, Ms. Baker demonstrated the highest level of responsibility, commitment, and enthusiasm.
Annamaria WatrinUnited States Peace Corps Country Director

MC was one of our strongest volunteers in the field. MC’s positive outlook and quest for learning made her excel in her training class. MC served as an advisor to a local environmental and community development organization in a remote village on the island of New Ireland, PNG. She designed the programming and construction drawings for a pilot housing plan to be used in several local villages. She assisted with the design of two churches and worked with village schools on classroom design and program development. She initiated a children’s educational awareness group that developed peer education programs. She promoted the nutritive value of local foods using innovative and traditional cooking methods. She produced a women’s book that was distributed to seven different villages. She was active with the World Wise School program, which builds ties with children in schools in the USA… MC has a good feel for interpersonal dynamics and is a good team player. She is a natural leader and a great motivator. Her flexibility and willingness to work will be a major asset in the classroom.
Michael KetoverUnited States Peace Corps Deputy Director